Technical FAQs:

Q:. What's the meaning of the Doors Size?

A:. For exterior doors the door size means the doors hole (wall to wall) size  and for interior doors the door 

       size mean the door leaf size.

Q:. What are the advantages of fiberglass over wood and stell?

A:. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doesn't dent, crsck, split or splinter. Unlike steel doors, fiberglass won't dent, rust or warp, either.

      Fiberglas also resists shrinking and swelling with temperature changes, allowing the finish to last three times longer than on a

      wood door. The solid polyurethane foam core offers five times greater insulation value than wood doors.

Q:. How do I clean the glass in the screen vented door?

A:. In order to clean the glass the screen must be removed.The removal of the screen on Therma-Tru vented door is as follows:

1- Pull window up to its highest position. 

2- Stand on the outside of the door unit.

3- At the two corner edges of the screen pinch the screen.

4- Shifted the screen to the left or the right.

5- At the opposite corner of the screen pull the screen towards you with your fingernail, a flat head screw driver, or a putty knife.

6- The screen should pull out towards you. 

Q: What's your factory's normal export size.

A:. For exterior door, our standard size is 2050 x 960 x 860mm.

      For interior door, our standard size is 2000 x 800mm.