APS Window Series

 Window Series

APS UPVC window, Aluminium Clad wood window, Solid wood window, Canopy.

We can make solid wooden windows, Aluminium clad windows, wood Aluminium windows ,as well as UPVC windows.Besides of standard production, we also could offer products as per your customized requirements on the design,drawing or idea; and unit price varies based on different material, size, design, quantity and accessories, etc.


uPVC Window Series

APS uPVC windows provide a perfect balance between energy efficiency and comfortable living. This high-quality energy-efficient PVC window and door solution improves the quality of life in many ways. 

uPVC windows offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, high security and an original colour palette. And remember that around 40% of heat loss in the home occurs through standard, single pane windows . Double glazed windows substantially reduce heat loss. You will soon recoup the cost of the double-glazing in the money saved from heating bills.


Casement Windows

Windows with hinges that swing outward to the right or left. This allows more light come into the home and provides for a larger viewing area. 

 Tilt-Turn Windows 

These Kind of the windows are three windows in one, Fixed windows, in swing casement window and tilt-in-from the inside for cleaing and maintenace and also offer added security draft-free ventilation.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are on rollers for easy opening and closing,They don't interfere with walkways, patios or landscaping.

They have a range of sizes from small windows for bathrooms all the way up to sliding-glass patio doors.


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